Child care with a family feel


Gram’s Place, Inc. was established in South Park as a small family owned daycare facility in 1998. Our goal was to have an affordable childcare program that was both family friendly, educational and affordable. Over the years, we have learned a lot and made many changes with the times, but we continue to strive to provide the best possible care for the children of our community.

We maintain a homelike and loving environment while still providing an integrated preschool program that instills all of the skills necessary to begin kindergarten, both socially and intellectually.

Gram’s Place has always placed high value on making every child feel special and loved. In our facility, children receive a balance of both structured activity and free play. While structured activity is an important part of learning to follow directions, cooperate with others, sharing and other social skills, free play is also important. Free play allows children to express themselves and develop their own individual identity using their own imaginations and the choices they make. They learn conflict resolution, turn taking and gain empathy through their personal interactions with their peers. This social development is as essential as the abc’s or 123”s.

We have a loving and balanced staff who enjoy being with the children. They provide love, affection and understanding as much as developmental skills and education, we value both.

We have a small center allowing for the children to have more one on one attention.